Candy paints are well known as protective coatings. The 3-stage candy urethane paint system had only applications in industries where the aesthetics had no importance. With the great advancements in technology, today’s candy paints are protective and have great aesthetic values too. The protective nature of the paint along with offering a deep metallic look to the painted area has made it to be used in painting both automobiles and motorcycles. Researches indicate that the candy paint can protect the surface from humidity, moisture and extreme temperatures. This protective nature of the candy paint preserves the beauty of the surface for ages to come. Unlike choosing a vendor for the traditional paints, there are several factors that have to be considered for finding the best supplier of the Honda CT70 paint.

The Vendors Color Match to the Honda's OME Color

This is one of the most important factors to be considered. As many of us know, there are NO PAINT CODES prior to 1982 for Honda's automobiles or motorcycles. We have found the few that claim to sell Honda OME paints are simply  repackaging stock HOK or PPG paint in plastic unlabeled bottles. These paints are far from the original Honda color's.

We carefully custom mix all our paints to a near perfect match to Honda's OME colors. This is achieved by analyzing and comparing original parts that have been preserved over the past 40 years. These formulas along with the mixing process are kept very private never be revealed to the public or other related sources.

The Price Factor

Candy paints are relatively expensive that requires a three stage process. Each kit contains everything a customer will need to achieve the proper results. Included  pending a 16 oz or 24 oz. kit purchased

  • 8 or 12 oz. Selected Candy Color
  • 8 oz. Universal Basecoat
  • 8 oz. Urethane Clearcoat
  • 8 oz. Urethane Primer
  • 4 or 6 oz. Catalyst
  • 2 oz. Clearcoat Activator
  • 2 oz. Primer Activator

We feel our vendors are very important in the sales and distribution of  our product. This is why we offer such great deals on our paint kits. Without the distribution from local automotive paint stores and online services we would be limited our marketing campaign.

Our vendor's will earn between $10.00-25.00 per kit sold either online or over-the-counter. These paint kits are available in quantities purchases of (32), (16), (8) or starters of (4).

Supply & Demand

The vintage paint industry has become a hit and miss business. With no paint codes available prior to 1982, painters are very limited to successful matching OME colors. The costs are high and quality paints are only sold in quarts or more volumes. Here in our warehouse facility our paint techicions have developed from trial and error the correct mixing formulas that mimic the Honda OME colors from forty years ago. We feel our paint products are unsurpassed by any competitor and we are the only company that sends a painted sample of their finished product upon request prior to ordering. Our customers know the exact color of the product they are ordering so they may compare our finished product to their own OME parts.

Currently their are less than a handful of online sites offering Honda Paint Kits. With hundreds of Honda enthusiasts restoring bike every year, we only anticipate a bright future hoping you are apart of everyone success.

Shipping and Handling

VMR Paints will handle the
shipping for each purchase you sell online
which is added to the total cost at checkout.
This includes the packaging, proper labeling
and proper shipping of the selected kit or

Once your order has been completed, you will
be sent a tracking number to followthe purchase
upon delivery.

We Ship to Lower 48 States Only

Completing Online Transactions

VMR Paints will provide all the needed images of our available paint kits to be uploaded onto your website. Our paint kits may be purchased directly from your website, along with other services you may offer. The costumer should be able to checkout either using Paypal or a major credit card and PAYING YOU  DIRECTLY.

After a customer purchases the paint kit from your business or website, go to login into the vendors area, complete the shipping information (to be sent to the buyer's address) and select the proper kit that was purchased, complete the sales transaction.

Please Note:
We have a very strict policy to our vendors regarding the sale price. Kits or individual products may not be sold for less than the retail price provide by VMR Paints. Any vendor attempting to under sell from the retail cost will be dropped for our distribution program.

  • 8 or 12 oz. Medium Reducer
  • 16 oz. Lacquer Thinner
  • (2) Paint Strainers
  • (2) Stir Sticks
  • (2) 16 oz. Mixing Cups
  • (1) Tack Cloth
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